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Bulk Milk Collection Center (BMC) Details

The Bulk Milk Collection Center (BMC) is designed for Village Levele Center (VLC) to transport their raw milk to be cooled in a BMC, receiving of milk on RMRD and Lab Testing Sample wise storage in Milk Tank under 4 temp., gather all data and upload real time to STIPL Cloud Server. Server send SMS to VLC member like Date, Shift, Liter, Quality, Rate, Amount. After receiving milk upload Milk Tanker and Dispatch to Dairy Plant for further process.

Bulk Milk Collection Center (BMC)

  • Bulk Milk Collection Center (BMC)

    is sophisticated Windows or Linux based software for Dairy Management and Accounting. Dairy Ultra Pro is a software packaged designed to work on multi operating system, It provides a time saving and efficient tool for the Dairy industry, Its programming API is built specifically to offer high speed inter-processing, scalability, reliability and fault tolerance It takes care of the Dairy chores of the dairy industry thus eliminating the human errors. Dairy Ultra Pro also provides a function rich reporting facility. This allows users to produce operational and specific detailed level summary reports. .

    Bulk Milk Collection Module :

     RMRD :
      Master :

       Account Master

       Root Master

      Daily Transaction:

        Morning Weight

        Evening Weight



        Weight Report

        Shift wise Milk Purchase

        Milk Recived Recipt

        Milk Supplier List

        VLC Wise Milk Purchase

        Daily kg fat snf

       Daily Transaction

        Morning Quality

        Evening Quality


       Milk Quality Report

    Dairy Section
       Milk Procurement

        Tanker Inward

        Tanker Dispatch


        Dairy Consumption Report

        Kg Fat Kg Snf Report

        Tankder Acknowledgment