Dairy Software

Dairy Softwares

Dairy Software

Shiv Infotech is well Known for its Softwares of Dairy

The Dairy Software allows easy access in each process of Dairy thereby fostering and increase in efficiency and profitability of your work. The Dairy Management Software was developed in consultation with the leading dairy consultants. Our Software is very helpful for daily Dairy Transaction.

Dairy Software features

  1. Softwares available In Multiple Languages like Mrathi, English, Hindi
  2. Easy data entry and recall.
  3. Updated continually to provide new program features.
  4. User friendly.
  5. Time Saving
  6. Accuracy Results
  7. Avoid Duplication
  8. Easy to add additional and or custom adulterants to testing
  9. Designed, updated and supported by people involved in the dairy industry - with the goal of serving first and foremost the dairy producer.
  10. Windows based software for Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP and Windows Vista.

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