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Data Processing Unit (D.P.U)

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Shiv Infotech is well Known for its Machines used for dairy

DPU Milk Collection Unit is based on an advanced technology that helps dairy industry and milk cooperatives to achieve more productive and efficient operation. It is engineered and developed as a complete automated solution for milk collection, thereby enhancing work performance and productivity of dairy industry. Fully integrated with data transfer device, this unit is capable of importing and exporting rate table, farmer name and shift record.


  1. GPRS/GSM System
  2. 2 years Backup
  3. With Inbuilt thermal printer
  4. 7/10/15 days support
  5. Payment Summery
  6. Single Member ledger
  7. Search Customer Summery
  8. Data sending DPU to pendrive
  9. Data sending Dpu to server
  10. Data receive from server to Dairy software
  11. sales bill report
  12. Password Security

Data Processing Unit


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