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We would be highly obliges if yourself can give us the recognition of your Company for providing services to your Milk Union and the different member Co-operative societies (VLC) which are working under your guidance and kind co-operation. Anticipating your favourable response in near future. With

Milk Union ERP Module


    This is the most basic part of the system used for defining and managing number of societies of the milk collection on the doc with sample number in the dump tank. In RMRD raw milk received on doc with society code can be defined using the modules. Apart from these, it handles the requirement of various types of “Society status reports”. It covers all kinds of milk collection details like good milk, sour milk, mix milk etc. In this module include automatically milk receipt via hardcopy as well as SMS to no of society in single click and daily shift report, RMRD report, Shift wise and root wise report etc.

    Automatic Milk Collection from dump tank
    Automatic Lab Collection data
    Kg Fat Kg SNF Bulk Report
    Automatic Sampling
    Automatic SMS/APP to Societies
    Import Export data
  • In this module sample wise and doc wise auto sampling, Milk testing and adulteration with Fat machine, Milk analyzer etc. fully automatic milk testing.

    Automatic Sample wise and Dock wise Testing
    Pending Sample List Fully Interface
    Automatic Interface Parameters (Fat, SNF, Degree, Protein, Lacto Added water etc.)
    Automatic Sampling
    Analytical Lab Report
    Tanker Details
  • This module is designed for complete utilization of resources of the billing of society’s milk collection details, Maintenance of a master of societies and defining their status. This includes daywise and shiftwise milk collections details and generate automatic bill. In this module payment is automatically generated, bank advice and transfer in to bank account, Generate individually account statement. It has special tools, which work to minimize data entry and eliminate possibility of all other human errors in entries. Other features include printing of payment summary Goshwara etc.

    New Rate Apply
    Automatic Deduction from bill
    E Bill On Mobile
    SMS/Whatsapp Alert
    Bank Transfer on Portal
  • It is made with the multiple objective to manage a milk collection from RMRD, Bulk cooler, Tanker Inward, Tanker Return, Packing Return, Dairy Inward etc. This includes milk collection details in procurement. Better control over the root supervisor, Milk collection officer by being better informed and giving confidence to Dairy Manager. It also handles inward movement of milk collection system, allocation of milk and handling the milk stock details.

    No Time Consuming In Searching society details
    Routewise Milk Procurement Cost/liter
    Serial Milk Collection Society
    Kg fat Snf Loss Gain
    BMC wise Collection
    Veterinary Register
  • This Module has everything from entire module integrated with account section. In this module to Due-drawn calculations multi voucher enter general entry, Contra entry, posting salaries, posting bank advice transfer and performance review. It shows the records of task i.e. allowance standard deductions and maintained vendor, customer, society, employee, transporter, other account ledger. The most important part is various reports that are to be submitted to numerous government and other offices are finger tip.

    Multi voucher
    Multi Department Integrated
    Income Tax Calculation Editor
    TCS,TDS Calculation
    Way Bill
  • Milk is a valuable nutritious food that has a short shelf-life and requires careful handling. Milk is highly perishable because it is an excellent medium for the growth of microorganisms – particularly bacterial pathogens – that can cause spoilage and diseases in consumers. Milk processing allows the preservation of milk for days, weeks or months and helps to reduce food-borne illness.

    Posting of formula
    Posting of daily production
    Posting of Mixture Production
    Production Order
    Maintain Floor Stock
    Manage Handling Loss
  • The Marketing Information System refers to the systematic collection, analysis, interpretation, storage and dissemination of the market information, from both the internal and external sources, to the marketers on a regular, continuous basis. The marketing information system distributes the relevant information to the marketers who can make the efficient decisions related to the marketing operations viz. Pricing, packaging, new product development, distribution, media, promotion, etc.

    Sales Order
    Dispatch Route sheet
    Market Intelligence System
    Market Survey
    Production Order
    SMS Alert
    Internal Record
  • This product is perfectly designed to handle the transporter details needs, has Flexibility like posting of data daily entry of transaction details Flexible yearly reporting like Vehicle tracking maintenance insurance taxes license etc. It manages transporter, vendors, daily expenses, receipts and payments in respect of streams. This includes transport Bill, Payment Summary, Deduction Details, Ledger etc.

    Posting Daily Entry
    Vehicle Tracking
    Floor Stock
    Production Order
    Insurance and Licenses
  • Store Management ERP will help the business in tracking the inventory movements in the warehouse by item, serial number, batchwise, rack. An Store Management Solution is extremely critical to ensure smooth running of your retail business. The software takes care of are generating receipt of goods, making stock book entries, generating bills, issuing materials for different departments, maintaining stock books regularly etc.

    Inventory Tracking In Real-Time
    Stock Ledger
    Supply And Issuing Management
    Indent Issue
    Timely Delivery Of Stocks
  • Maintaining a payroll by a company is extremely important for day-to-day activities and also for adherence to jurisdictional requirements. In most cases, companies maintain a payroll database via a payroll application software that is usually semi-automated and easy to use. The importance of payroll, owning, and managing payroll

    Leave Management
    Time & Attendance Management
    PF, ESIS Calculation & Reports
    Professional Tax
    Timesheet Management
  • Dairy Management System is an application or software designed to manage activities related to your daily work such as milk collections from members, sales to the customer and plant and all the dairy-related processes. It became tough for dairy owners to manage all dairy work manually. To reduce manual work, A dairy management System can help to make day-to-day dairy related activities easier. It helps to maximize the profit by improving herd fertility.

    Milk Tank Ledger
    Milk Consumption
    Tanker Load Unload
    Milk Processing Ledger
    Production Control
    Loss Gain Ledger
    Analytical Lab
  • Management Information Systems (MIS) is the study of people, technology, organizations, and the relationships among them. MIS professionals help firms realize maximum benefit from investment in personnel, equipment, and business processes. MIS is a people-oriented field with an emphasis on service through technology. If you have an interest in technology and have the desire to use technology to improve people’s lives, a degree in MIS may be for you.

    Integrative system
    Enhances productivity
    Feed back System
    Management Directed
    Facilitates planning
    Makes Control Easier
  • In ERP Gate Security feature ensures that no unauthorized vehicles or without Schedule planning of Vehicle can enter in dairy primises. in gate manage employee attaendance entry and goods inward outward entry for vehicle.

    Gate Entry
    Attendance Entry
    Vehicle Movement
    Goods Entry
    Visitor Pass
    Enhance Security
    Security Control