Milking Machine

Milking Machine

Dairy Software

Shiv Infotech is well Known for its Machines used for dairy

With the help of these machines any person can do the milking of cattle both cow and buffalo. Through this Milking Machine the milk quantity is increased as complete milk is removed from udder of cattle which is not possible during manual milking process. Also it takes approx. 5-6 min for cow and 7-8 min for buffalo milking.

We have developed this device for maintaining the hygienic condition of cattle and quality of milk by simultaneously reducing the human interference during manual milking.


  1. Advanced technology
  2. Advanced technology
  3. Available in single and double Bucket.
  4. Works on electrical motor and diesel enging
  5. Available in plastic and steel cans
  6. Battery can be changed on solar system
  7. Trolley facility
  8. Useful for cow and buffalo
  9. User friendly and animal friendly
  10. Works on half hp motor

Milking Machine


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