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Vellage Level Center (VLC) detail

We would be highly obliges if yourself can give us the recognition of your Company for providing services to your VLC and the different member Farmer which are pooring milk. VLC Manage all farmer ledger.

Village level center (VLC)

  • Village Level Center (VLC)

    is sophisticated Windows or Linux based software for Dairy Management and Accounting. Dairy Ultra Pro is a software packaged designed to work on multi operating system, It provides a time saving and efficient tool for the Dairy industry, Its programming API is built specifically to offer high speed inter-processing, scalability, reliability and fault tolerance It takes care of the Dairy chores of the dairy industry thus eliminating the human errors. Dairy Ultra Pro also provides a function rich reporting facility. This allows users to produce operational and specific detailed level summary reports. .

    Milk Collection Module :

    This support online collection, Manual mode and other modes are also available for user. User has to enter the collection entries, bill deduction entries, etc. Then all the reports are generated automatically.

      > Dairy Register : date wise Farmer wise,

      > Dairy Register,

      > Collection Summary,

      > Customer bills along with deductions,

      > Payment register,

      > Member wise Deposit Calculation,

      > Branch wise Collection Report,

      > Branch wise Rate Chart,

      > Stock register,

      > Deduction Reports : Deduction wise, Customer wise,

      > Net Pay List,

      > Yearly Rebates : Customer Number wise, FAT wise, Amount wise, Quality wise,

      > Multi Center Support,

      > Collection Slips,

      > Interface With electronics Weighing Scales and Analyser,

      > Automatic Generate SMS from software,

      > Sales Register

    Financial Accounting Module :

    Maintains Voucher Based Accounting and Inventory. Also adds Payment Vouchers automatically on processing. Following is the list of reports generated by software:

      > Dairy Register : date wise Farmer wise,

      > Voucher Books

      > Daybook

      > A/c Ledger, Sub A/c Ledger

      > Sub A/c Statements

      > Stock related reports

      > Trial Balance

      > Proffit &Loss Account

      > Balance Sheet

      > Credit and Debit Out Standing

      > Sales and Purchase register

      > Daily credit sales list